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URi Review in 100 Words - ManKiMovies

URi Review in 100 Words

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It’s hard for me or for anyone to Complete this review in 100 Word limit bar but we still will do it because that’s what we do in our this segment, give complete review in just 100 words.


URi Review in 100 Words


From the beginning you will start feeling, everything was not right in our country in 2016 and soon you will realize that now you are in virtual reality as the movie will soon start teleporting you into real situation of that time. And as the movie will proceed You will hate the part when Interval will come as from bottom of your heart you won’t want this movie to break here and soon as movie continues you will enjoy the movie from bottom of Your heart and there are a lot of chances that you might end up saying inke saath sahi aisa hi hona chaiye at just 10 min before ending.

In final and One word Movie is Fantastic and worth 4.5 stars 0.5 stars less because of low energy level of “Vicky Kaushal” in some scenes as he played the role of Army Officer he should have a little more energy level in some scenes.

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  2. Amit Kumar says:

    It is a nice movie, At least one time, you can go for this movie and you'll definitely like this movie. I'll give 4 stars.

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